5 Advantages Of Google Ads & Its Useful Extensions



Google Ads is a Digital Marketing Platform made by Google, in which businesses can run different promotions like showcase advertisements, search advertisements, video advertisements, shopping promotions, etc. In Google Ads you can showcase your promotions in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Google Ads

Benefits of Google Ads:

1. Expands Brand Awareness: 

Brand Awareness

Digital Marketing, especially google adwords has transformed the way brands advertise. with google ads, brands can be directly found when the user researches the brand or its products/features on google. publicists can also increase their customer base through the google display network by targeting people on other websites. Henceforth, brand awareness is one among many benefits of google ads.

2. Instant Result as compared to Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

In the event that you will likely further develop your brand perceivability while driving an amazing ROI, Google Ads perform supernatural occurrences! 

Never disregard the way that you’re not by any means the only organization to offer this item in the immense digital sea. In this way, digital rivalry is unavoidable and the natural search consequences of SEO may deplete your understanding. That is when Google Ads come into the image. With Google AdWords optimization you can further develop your promotion importance and point of arrival experience with a great big sum. So prepare to welcome a great many online traffic into your business. 

3. Outclass Your Competitors: 

Outclass Your Competitors

Competitor Analysis shares an outclass report if any of your rivals have a similar specialty as yours. You can recognize them and robotize offering procedures to change your bid to outclass the predefined contest in the sale. Thus, with Google Ads, you not just publicize to advance your items or administrations yet in addition to outclass your kindred competitors. 

4. Lift Your Ad Visibility To A High-Quality Audience: 

With Google AdWords, it is feasible to contact the crowd who are undoubtedly keen on purchasing your items. You need to pick a mechanized bid paid promotion technique, in view of the past change information like area, gadget, model, program, time and others. Depending on Google is certainly not a bad idea.

5. Test and Let The Best Win: 

Google AdWords gives a choice to test and examine the progressions and augmentations to your items and test if the system really worked or not. You can try different things with each adjustment of turn and run a test throughout some stretch of time. The calculation conveys confirmed outcomes and checks on the off chance that you acquired the ideal outcomes. It’s just helpful.

Google Ad Extensions: 

Google Ad Extensions infers augmentations or extra information added with the notice included, so audiences get more inspiration to tap on the Ad. 

Augmentations take after pieces of trees which develop the Ad reach and result in Click Through Rate (CTR). 

Following are the different sorts of Ad Extensions 

  • Sitelink Extension 
  • Callout Extension 
  • Structured Snippet Extension 
  • Call Extension 
  • Lead Form augmentation 
  • Location augmentation 
  • Affiliate Location Extension 
  • Price Extension 
  • App Extension 
  • Promotion Extension 

Sitelink Extension:

Sitelink Extensions gives you more decisions for adding associations with your Ads which prompts express pages when groups click on it. 

Models: Services, About, Courses, Reviews, etc 

Callout Extension:

Callout Extensions are those augmentations which help you in building trust of customers by giving trust building factors like Free transportation or movement, Discount offers, 24X7 assistance, Exchange Offer, etc. 

Structured Snippet Extension: 

These augmentations are regularly used for including your different things and organizations which helps development in Click Through Rate or customers clicks. 

Models: Kurtas, Pajamas, Jeans, T-shirts, etc 


Call Extension: 

Call Extension grants you to add your contact number which helps you in getting calls clearly from customers. 

Lead Form augmentation:

Lead Form Extensions licenses you to give a design where customers can fill their nuances in it. It helps in delivering most outrageous leads. 

Location augmentation:

Region Extension grants you to give your business or association address, phone number and guide region, with the objective that customers can really investigate the location by tapping on the side development. 

Affiliate Location Extension: 

These Extensions give you a part of giving nuances of your business chains where your things are sold. These augmentations are basically used by the people who sell their things through corporate store stores. 


Price Extension: 

Worth Extension shows you the thing name, cost or proposition cost. It doesn’t give any image. 

App Extension:

Application Extension outfits customers with an association with click it and download the application. 

These Extensions are on a very basic level used by the people who have their Product App. 

Promotion Extension: 

These Extensions help you with showing your progressions, one of a kind markdown offers which leads in high Click Through Rate. 

This heap of Google Ad Extensions are used by the essentials of the marketing expert and helps in showing your things nuances in a foreordained method to create more leads.

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